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Let's have a picture spam! [15 Apr 2011|09:37pm]


Anyone else noticing how dead this community is? Let's change that. Share some of your favorite pictures, why you love them, and why you love this style :)

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Madam Noire [04 Mar 2010|09:01pm]

Recently I have been going to back to making more dramatic pieces for my fashion headdress collection.
I am quite happy with this design so I want to share it here and get some feedback. :D

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Afternoon greetings to all [25 Jan 2010|03:40pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hello to all.

EGA isn't a style for me as it is a state of mind.  I may not dress the part everyday, but some part of my daily wardrobe will include some vintage EGA accessory.  I'm the avid reader who likes to slow down, literally smell the roses and engage in civilized banter with good friends over tea.  I love browsing through thrift stores (the REAL ones, not the trendy ones) because people get rid of some amazing stuff.   And I never know where I'm going to come across a piece that I simply MUST own.  To me, it's not about the money, but how well you put everything together and make it uniquely yours.

The most interesting aspect I've noticed about EGA is (at least for me) it isn't all that different from what I'd been wearing as a Romantic Goth for years.  I have read that EGA seldom wear heavier materials such as velvet and brocade, but I've paired a tiered velvet skirt with a black lace blouse and red waist cincher and been along my merry little way.  Someone once told me that EGA is for "older" people, but that's just too limiting.  I know a 50 year-old mom who wears both Sweet and Gothic Lolita extremely well.  It all depends on what works.

I'm old enough to partake of absinthe, and can dance the Volta with no mean skill.  I think that men look a lot better in waistcoats and buskin trousers a la Mr. Darcy. 

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[08 Nov 2009|02:51am]


PhotoBlog on Mega Masquerade, a Philippine Halloween Convention.
Image heavy!

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Boz Long Vest, Coat, and Moitie Blouse [29 Jul 2009|10:14am]

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Aristocrat Outfit [12 Jul 2009|09:20pm]

Recently I had to do a selection of Lolita fashion photographs, one of which I decided to do an Aristocrat fashion style, so I thought I would share the outfit with this community :)

Photographer: Myself (Alicen Wonderland)
Model: Azami Spider
Wardrobe & Styling: Myself (Alicen Wonderland)

Outfit rundown:

Blouse: Btssb
Waspie: Dragons Blood Creations
Skirt: Local store
Gloves: eQuip
Mini top hat: Candy Violet
Brooch: local shop
Rose: Toys'R'Us

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New to EGA [25 Jun 2009|09:13pm]

[ mood | blah ]

A friend recently introduced me to the Aristocratic style, and I immediately fell in love. I live in Southern California (Los Angeles area) and am an unpaid minor, restricting exactly what I can buy.

Can anyone who lives in or knows the area suggest a few inexpensive places that I might start trying to piece together outfits? Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks~

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New girl [19 May 2009|05:16pm]

Hello everyone, I'm Fortuna, and while I've harbored a facination for the gothic aristocrat and lolita styles, I have been unable to partake in expressing such facination through fashion, so long as I'm an unpaid minor living in my mother's house.
But recently I've come to an accord with my mother.  She will start to allow me to go to thrift stores to find things I think are suitable, but until I'm out of the house, I can't wear full ensembles.
My question, I suppose, is what do you all suggest I should do to add the flair of EGA to my outfits without upsetting my mother?
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Fairy Tales and Fables - Mad Hattery's 2009 Spring Challenge [27 Mar 2009|06:17am]

2009 Spring Challenge
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wearable [01 Feb 2009|09:49pm]

This was my first hat ever made; it is full of mistakes, re-dos and non-useful bits. The majority was made in 2007, but I never could find a satisfactory method of keeping it on my head.

Yesterday, I stitched a ribbon to it to tie on and that did the trick. Now it fits on my head instead perching and flopping.

Mini Top Hat, front Mini Top Hat
Okay, not technically finished... there is some stitching inside that needs to be completed. However, it's wearable, as I proved Saturday night, clubbing at Velocity. 01FEB09 Tempe, AZ

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BTW, the back "poof" is interchangeable. In the photo, it's just a sequined netting bow pinned in with a black flower broach. When worn in LA, it had two burgundy rose broaches holding in a swooping feather.
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still on the search for a skirt... [01 Feb 2009|12:14am]

 So I purchased a skirt, underbust corset and pannier from Fan + Friend.  The corset came out great, however I cannot say the same for the skirt and pannier.   The pannier arrived way too big.  And the skirt I ordered long for aristocrat style.  They ended up making it 10 inches shorter than the length I had given them.

So now I'm still on the look out for a long aristocrat skirt, and a good crinoline and petticoat.  I greatly dislike working with tulle so I hope there is a petticoat I can buy somewhere.  Anyone know of good sources for these?  Thanks muchly.  I hope to post pictures soon, I still have to find some clothing though.

edit:  another clothing order mishap.  Seems i am again in need of a white aristocrat blouse.  If anyone knows where I can get one please let me know thanks!
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Gloomth- Wishing you an Elegant Holiday! [17 Dec 2008|10:06pm]

Gloomth & the Cult of Melancholy

We're pleased to announce a ton of new styles fresh for 09! Start the new year with new clothes. :)
Lots of Gothic, Lolita, Aristocrat, and Visual Kei inspired apparel in sizes up to 3XL!

All 100% hand made from scratch in Canada!

In Stock Sale is on until Xmas so grab a great deal on a ready made item while you can!

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Ok, so question from the Newb [28 Nov 2008|12:28am]

Hello. So seems there are a few folks around :) So, as I'm just getting into EGA style. Where would you suggest for finding a nice skirt? Also curious if they make petticoats out there that are long as opposed to the knee length lolita ones.
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helloooo [26 Nov 2008|11:36pm]

Hi, wow, ok, I was hoping this place would be more active. Are there no EGA folks? I like lolita, but I find this to be my style more so was hoping there would be someone around
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Hello Everyone! [16 Jul 2008|01:12am]

This is my first post here, and it seems to be awhile since anyone posted so I hope someone sees >.<
Around a year ago one of my best friends started getting into the Lolita style, and I did too and while I think it's very pretty the cupcake shaped dresses don't seem to do it for me, so I was very excited finding out about Aristocrat, and have been looking for the elusive pictures and dare I say Aristocrats themselves... In fact I found this community on a google quest for aristocrat dress pics lol. Anywah I figured I'd post my outfit from my trip to a con back in late June.
Something of a Pirate Aristocrat:
Pirate Aristo
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:3 [20 Apr 2008|02:57pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Dead LJ community is dead. Oh well, have some photos of me anyway!

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The blouse, cravat and jacket are all from Atelier Boz, the corset is from Victoria Gothic, the hat is from a second-hand clothing store, the skirt is from Rakuen. The rest of my photos, which were taken in the unfinished building happening in my backyard, can be found here.

~ Ryo

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My first attempt [08 Apr 2008|07:17pm]

 Please excuse me whilst I attempt to revive this dead community.  I do hope someone stops by before I have too many posts all in a row...

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Greetings and salutations [16 Mar 2008|09:30pm]

Is anyone alive in here?  It seems that the most interesting communities have become quite dead somehow...

In any case, I do hope that I'm not introducing myself to a group of corpses, as I am rather new to the gothic aristocrat style and would appreciate a bit of guidance.  EGL is overwhelmingly active, but I dare not breathe a word to them about any style which doesn't require a petticoat and copious amounts of lace.  I am involved already in lolita fashion, but aristocrat suits my personality rather well, and would provide a bit of balance to the lolita meet-up groups in my area.

I am presently attempting to put together a decent outfit, and will post pictures if and when I succeed.  Any advice on good basic pieces to get, or customization ideas would be greatly appreciated.  I imagine locating a nice yet affordable top hat will be particularly challenging.
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Dear members, [25 Feb 2008|07:08pm]

Could you suggest me good, well organized articles about Elegant Aristocrat and Ouji styles.
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Greetings & Questions! [12 Jan 2008|10:33pm]

 I'm new to the community and thought I'd introduce myself.
 I find the Aristocrat fashion and periods of history to be very enjoyable and complimenting. While I do like egl too, I'm more ega myself. I've grown tired of alot of the same fashions over and over again and have always had a love for historical clothing since I was a child. Its wonderful to be able to embrace that now. :3

 Does anyone actually try to speak a more elegant manner?
 What drew you to this fashion?
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