visual_lace (hagarenfangirl) wrote in pretty_elegants,

Greetings and salutations

Is anyone alive in here?  It seems that the most interesting communities have become quite dead somehow...

In any case, I do hope that I'm not introducing myself to a group of corpses, as I am rather new to the gothic aristocrat style and would appreciate a bit of guidance.  EGL is overwhelmingly active, but I dare not breathe a word to them about any style which doesn't require a petticoat and copious amounts of lace.  I am involved already in lolita fashion, but aristocrat suits my personality rather well, and would provide a bit of balance to the lolita meet-up groups in my area.

I am presently attempting to put together a decent outfit, and will post pictures if and when I succeed.  Any advice on good basic pieces to get, or customization ideas would be greatly appreciated.  I imagine locating a nice yet affordable top hat will be particularly challenging.
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