alarum (luxurias_slave) wrote in pretty_elegants,

still on the search for a skirt...

 So I purchased a skirt, underbust corset and pannier from Fan + Friend.  The corset came out great, however I cannot say the same for the skirt and pannier.   The pannier arrived way too big.  And the skirt I ordered long for aristocrat style.  They ended up making it 10 inches shorter than the length I had given them.

So now I'm still on the look out for a long aristocrat skirt, and a good crinoline and petticoat.  I greatly dislike working with tulle so I hope there is a petticoat I can buy somewhere.  Anyone know of good sources for these?  Thanks muchly.  I hope to post pictures soon, I still have to find some clothing though.

edit:  another clothing order mishap.  Seems i am again in need of a white aristocrat blouse.  If anyone knows where I can get one please let me know thanks!
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