visual_lace (hagarenfangirl) wrote in pretty_elegants,

My first attempt

 Please excuse me whilst I attempt to revive this dead community.  I do hope someone stops by before I have too many posts all in a row...

Hat and gloves were my grandma's, shirt from Wal-mart (modified by myself), vest made by myself from a dress, pants from Marshall's, cravat-esque thing made by myself, boots stolen from my sister (who got them at Wal-mart), pocket watch off e-bay, handkerchief and cane from the 99 cent store.

I rather like how it turned out, especially considering how nicely I kept within my budget.  I would still like a decent top hat; though it's beginning to look like that will have to be an online purchase.

I apologize for the blurryness

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Very spiffy. I'm loving the black and white, it's my favourite combo~ and I love how well budgeted your outfit is! I spend way too much on clothes.

As for the death of this community, I only discovered it not long ago as well. Maybe I'll post some photos up... try and revive it...
A sign of life! Hope is not yet lost...

Thank you! I find budgeting quite necessary, as I spend too much on hobby- related things, and my pets :) .

You should definitely post some pictures; good examples of aristocrat style are difficult to find.