Vérité soyez ma garde (_paegan_) wrote in pretty_elegants,
Vérité soyez ma garde


This was my first hat ever made; it is full of mistakes, re-dos and non-useful bits. The majority was made in 2007, but I never could find a satisfactory method of keeping it on my head.

Yesterday, I stitched a ribbon to it to tie on and that did the trick. Now it fits on my head instead perching and flopping.

Mini Top Hat, front Mini Top Hat
Okay, not technically finished... there is some stitching inside that needs to be completed. However, it's wearable, as I proved Saturday night, clubbing at Velocity. 01FEB09 Tempe, AZ

back  side
back side
At Malediction Society's Aristocracy Ball, 05/25/08 Also worn (after much trouble getting it on my head) last March to At Malediction Society's Aristocracy Ball, 05/25/08 in LA. Photo by Robert Vogul

BTW, the back "poof" is interchangeable. In the photo, it's just a sequined netting bow pinned in with a black flower broach. When worn in LA, it had two burgundy rose broaches holding in a swooping feather.
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