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PhotoBlog on Mega Masquerade, a Philippine Halloween Convention.
Image heavy!

edit: I posted this in egl but I believe it would be alright to share this here too.

I don't remember seeing any entries about conventions here in the Philippines so I thought maybe I should start. However, as I have gotten used to attending conventions without a camera, the photos you would be seeing here are our photos taken by others. I guess this would serve as a sort of yes-we-do-have-cons-here-in-the-Philippines entry. XD This particular con we attended was called Mega Masquerade. It was a Halloween convention but there were anime cosplayers too. Still, most attendees wore their lovely dresses and charming coats. I saw this as the perfect chance to wear an EGA/EGA-inspired outfit, since I was pretty sure there would be a lot of girls who would be wearing their Lolita dresses. I attended with my Sweetheart, the dashing dandy Louise and my lovely friend Meg. As expected, everybody thought we were cosplaying. But this is perfectly understandable since Lolita has just been recently popular amongst the con-goers and Aristocrat is still quite a new trend. I do hope though that both EGL and EGA be seen as fashion instead of cosplay here in the Philippines.
Louise's Gallery
My Gallery
If you'd like to see other photos from the convention:
Jerome's Set
Gian's Set
Finally, our photos (do click if you must view large):

Meg, Me, and Louise

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