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Afternoon greetings to all

Hello to all.

EGA isn't a style for me as it is a state of mind.  I may not dress the part everyday, but some part of my daily wardrobe will include some vintage EGA accessory.  I'm the avid reader who likes to slow down, literally smell the roses and engage in civilized banter with good friends over tea.  I love browsing through thrift stores (the REAL ones, not the trendy ones) because people get rid of some amazing stuff.   And I never know where I'm going to come across a piece that I simply MUST own.  To me, it's not about the money, but how well you put everything together and make it uniquely yours.

The most interesting aspect I've noticed about EGA is (at least for me) it isn't all that different from what I'd been wearing as a Romantic Goth for years.  I have read that EGA seldom wear heavier materials such as velvet and brocade, but I've paired a tiered velvet skirt with a black lace blouse and red waist cincher and been along my merry little way.  Someone once told me that EGA is for "older" people, but that's just too limiting.  I know a 50 year-old mom who wears both Sweet and Gothic Lolita extremely well.  It all depends on what works.

I'm old enough to partake of absinthe, and can dance the Volta with no mean skill.  I think that men look a lot better in waistcoats and buskin trousers a la Mr. Darcy. 
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