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Gothic Aristocrat
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Hello & Welcome!
This is Pretty Elegants, the LiveJournal Gothic Aristocrat Community.
This community was created because mannequin_heart noticed that there was no active community for Gothic Aristocrat style — most communities are devoted solely to Gothic Lolita.

Why pretty_elegants?
ega was already taken, and other forms of the name including the words "gothic" and/or "aristocrat" were either too long or already taken.

What can I post here?
Anything relating to the Gothic Aristocrat style. Post pictures of yourself (or other people) dressed in Gothic Aristocrat clothing, discussions, style advice/questions, etc. Right now the rules of what you can and can't post are fairly loose, but once the community becomes more active, they'll get stricter.

Guidelines for posting images
Please post all images bigger than 450x450 pixels under an lj-cut.
When posting multiple images, please post them under an lj-cut (save for one optional "teaser" image).

Your maintainers
Creator: mannequin_heart
Co-maintainer: littlewashuu